Give Us Work

We have a work center in CIDCO where we give work to needy women. It will be a great help to us if you can provide us with work. We have worked for the following establishments so far and we are still working for a few of them. 1. V. I. P. Industries 2. Fenotex Fibre Cast 3. G. P. Electronics 4. Caprihans 5. Carbon Corporation Limited 6. School Uniforms 7. Civil Hospital (Nashik) 8. Pulsar Footware 9. Supplying food items We can do the following jobs. 1. Stitching uniforms (for schools and companies), aprons etc. 2. Assembly and finishing work for companies 3. Liquid soap and phenyl 4. Food items (We have a food license) 5. Chalks 6. Paper plates and paper bowls 7. Chillie powder, turmeric powder and masale (we have a grinder) 8. Different types of Papad 9. Pickles 10. Our experience says that our worker women can do any job at a professional level if they are given proper training for it. We can proudly say that the women that come to us for help are needy women but they are always ready to work for earning their share for the living. We try our level best to provide them with shelter, protection, mental support, legal help, counselling and means of earning an honest living. We have been able to do this since 1982 only because generous citizens like you have been extending a helping hand. We are sure that these women will always have a ray of hope as long as we have people like you backing us.