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Appeal Letter

  • Dear Visitor,

Your visit to this page declares your concern about social issues. We know that every person who visits this page is either a person in need or a person who sympathises with women's issues. We know that most of the people who visit this sight want to take up their share of social responsibility. But many of them don't know what to do and many of them cannot give time.
But we know that their feelings are genuine...
And that is why we have created this page. This page will give you a number of ideas through which you can show your support to Mahila Hakka Saurakshan Samiti and contribute to the cause of women empowerment. We hope that you will find something that will suit your availability, moneywise or time wise. If you have any idea beyond the ones given below, please contact us and we will come together to work for a better tomorrow.
Till date Mahila Hakka Saurakshan Samiti has started new projects as and when its need was felt, i.e. we started our work with a counselling centre. We started awareness programs, corner meetings, staging street plays, organizing Jagruti yatra etc. after that. Then we started training programs, self help groups and so on. As the programs are need based projects, the projects once started are continued till date. Today we feel there is a need to start the following projects:

    1. Shelter Home for H.I.V. +ve girls and boys. We wish to initially start a Home for girls and then if possible start one for boys.
    2. With the increasing number of Nuclear families, we feel there is a need to start an old people's home, which can accommodate at least 50 old people.
    3. A training center to train women to become economically independent.

            We have a place where we can start these projects. We request you to extend           us financial help for the recurring and non-recurring expenses involved in             running these projects. We need financial help to run the following projects:
1. Shelter Home for girls
2. Old people's home
3. Training Center
4. Awareness camps
5. Awareness program
6. Sada-Sarvada Radio Program Rebroadcasting
7. Extention Centers


MHSS's volunteer and internship program provides an opportunity for people to gain an insight into the development sector through hands on grassroots’ work.MHSS volunteers can have a large impact here:
Volunteers have been a strong source of support for various programs, by lending their expertise and knowledge to help improve them.Volunteers are an unbiased, outside perspective to evaluate our programs and offer recommendations to help improve them. MHSS’s volunteer and internship program also allows students studying in institutions both in India and across the world an opportunity to participate in research and fieldwork.MHSS’s volunteer program helps establish relationships with individuals from various parts of the world and spreads the message about MHSS’s work and philosophies.MHSS volunteers are of all ages and races, seeking to gain work and life experiences, on a quest to learn something new and contribute something back to society.