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Back in 1982, the ever increasing reports of domestic violence, beating, bride burning and deaths of newly wed brides in suspicious circumstances made some socially aware people, like late Smt. Kusumtai Patwardhan uneasy. They felt something needed to be done to stop this violence. But none of them knew how to start and what exactly should be done. We held a poster exhibition that year in Ganeshotsav, with the help of a few artists. The posters were focused on the issues of domestic violence, bride burning, newspaper cuttings covering such news etc. We had kept a remark book for the visitors to express their feelings. Hundreds of individuals visited the exhibition in that period of 10 days of festival. Their suggestions gave us a clear idea about the acute need for this type of work. We started this work with Kusumtai’s guidance and encouragement. The day was 18th August 1982 - Thursday. We decided to meet every Thursday between 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. This was the time when the grieved came and shared their problems with us. Initially we used to listen to them, consol them and suggest some solution based on logic. Gradually lawyers, doctors and other like minded people joined the group. We registered this organization with charity commissioner under Society's Act 1860 and Trust Act 1950, on 23rd May 1984.

The 1st Managing Committee of Mahila Hakka Saurakshan Samiti was

1 Mrs. Kusumtai V. Patwardhan President

2. Mrs. Vijaya V. Malusare Vice-President

3. Miss Padma P. Soni Secretary

4. Mrs. Vasundhara N. Keskar Vice- Secretary

5. Mrs. Hema B. Patwardhan Treasurer

6. Mr. Ratan M. Jadhav Member

7. Mrs Shanta M. Limaye Member

8. Mrs. Susheela J. Mhatre Member

9. Mrs. Susheela K. Thakur

Member Gradually we started a regular office working 6 days a week from 12 to 6 p.m. Initially we registered 10-12 cases in a month. Gradually we set a system to our work. ( like taking a written complaint from the aggrieved party, taking detailed information about her / him and their families, informing the opposite party through letter, having counseling sessions as required and making home visits in cases of reconciliation). We started writing regular columns in newspapers about our success stories, taking corner meetings, staging street plays, taking Jagruti Yatra ( awareness drive ) etc for reaching out to people. This created a lot of awareness in the society about women’s issues and legal provisions to protect them from harassment, atrocities and domestic violence. Since 1982, Mahila Hakka Saurakshan Samiti has been adding new projects to overcome the ever new difficulties faced by women. We have been adding these projects as and when their need was felt because we believe in need based work. It is our policy to start new projects only when they are needed and as a result we continue running every project that we start.

Aims and Objectives

1. To settle marital problems through counseling.

2. To STOP families from breaking up.

3. To create social awareness about women's issue.

4. To provide legal help.

5. To empower woman and women groups.

6. To help to create society where all men and women irrespective of their caste and religion enjoy equal status in society.

Managing Committee

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Our Team Team Members

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Experts Associated with Us

• 1.Adv. Mrunalini Khairnar •

2.Adv. Anjali Patil •

3.Adv. Indrayani Patni •

4.Adv. Poonam Tambat •

5.Adv. Vijaymala Joshi •

6.Dr. Anand Patil(Psycologist) •

7.Dr.Ashwini Ghaisas (Gynocologist) •

8. Dr. Ratna Ashtekar (Gynocologist)