The literal meaning of Mahila Hakka Saurakshan Samiti is an organization for protection of women's rights. And that is exactly what we are. That is precisely what we do. We are a group of people, mainly women who are committed to bring about equality in the society. We have a number of activities and a number of projects that are directed towards the same goal... Equality in the society through women empowerment.
Mahila Hakka Saurakshan Samiti has been working since 1982 through counseling center, work center, self help groups, awareness programs, Bahu Uddeshiya Mahila Kendra, corner meetings, extension centers, projects like Agnikunda Yojana and training programs to fight a number of social evils. We have started each of these projects to meet demands of the ever increasing new problems of domestic violence and marital discord. We have been witnessing and trying to solve a variety of cases including domestic violence, dowry deaths, breaking up of family units due to superstition, suspicion, alcoholism, unemployment of husbands, violence etc.
We have dealt with more than 13000  cases of marital discord till March 2011. The percentage of reconciliation is 35 to 40%. We have economically rehabilitated women from 30% of the cases registered through vocational training, extending micro credits and helping them get relief justice and maintenance through court.
We think it is the failure of our society that the number of cases approaching us is increasing every year. But we also think that it is not our job to blame the society. Our job is to correct the mistakes done by the society. Our job is to help women in distress. Our job is to empower these women to such an extent that they not only support themselves but can also support the entire family. Our job is to make peace in the family, to prevent family units from breaking up, to make sure the woman in the family is treated with respect and to see to it that the people in a family are happy as individuals, happy as a family unit and live in harmony.